Prince William County Code Enforcement



I am 63 years old, retired and live on a limited income.  I have been charged as a criminal for restoring my single family home.  There was no notice, due process, hearing or opportunity to defend provided.  Deception, negligence, violation of constitutional rights, entrapment and extortion have ensued.   Without any notice, my property was entered while I was not at home.   It was again entered the next day without notice.  The charge was arbitrary, capricious and deceptive.  Not a  single piece of evidence was submitted to support the charge or conviction.  The conviction was based on unspecified hearsay and allegations. The required building permits were obtained and have been obstructed and hampered by the acts of aggression and negligence.  The criminal conviction denies the required background checks for my line of work and has obstructed my ability to obtain employment, further exasperating available funds and impeding progress.  I have been rendered destitute by these actions.  I am a homeowner of a single home and I am not a licensed contractor or investor.  I own one vehicle.

Property History

The subject property was purchased in the year 2000. Prior to the purchase, it had remained vacant for years. The grass was overgrown to 3 feet high. Three dead fruit trees were in the front yard. The furnace was inoperable. There was no A/C system. The roof needed replacement.  The gutters and downspouts were inadequate.

During 2000 to 2015, the property has been improved with the following repairs and renovations.  More work needs to be done.

New furnace installed

Entire roof replaced

New A/C system and ductwork installed

Roof rafter ends repaired

Inadequate gutters replaced with larger gutters and downspouts

Refinished floors

Installed refrigerator and dishwasher

General cleaning and disposal.

Construction began for an addition over the garage in 2004. A loan was obtained for the construction. Permits were obtained for the addition.

The intent was to restore the property from being a blight in the neighborhood. The repairs and renovations were approached with a functional, aestetic and structural goal.

Final work of finishing the addition was being done when the Plaintiff filed the violation notice and subsequent lawsuit without notice or due process. Now criminal charges have been filed against me while trying to improve my property.